Harmony Family Preschool
Founded in 2003

590 Main St., Hanover   781-871-5156

All children command the love and respect of their parents, teachers, and community.  Young children are inherently egocentric and scientific; and deserving of quality life experiences that will enable them to safely self-discover and explore their giant, complicated world. Harmony’s “constructivist” child development perspective is best likened to the process of building a skyscraper.  Every intricate building begins with a strong, secure foundation; then is constructed within a safe environment, protected by a strong support system called scaffolding. When the construction process is complete, the scaffolding is peeled away; revealing a freestanding skyscraper. Harmony supports a positive child guidance process whereby very young children are given the opportunity to develop a strong foundation or support system by parents, teachers, and community; who then work together creating the scaffolding or safe nurturing environment within which a child can safely grow into a self-contained, independent adult. 



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