Harmony Family Preschool
Founded in 2003

590 Main St., Hanover   781-871-5156



Holly Lambert: Director/Pre-K teacher
Inspired by my five children; I began Harmony in 2003.  Becoming a preschool teacher is a career change for me; but a natural progression, as I loved being home to raise my own young family.  Before moving to Hanover in 1993 and becoming a full time mom: I was an accountant and evening law school student.  As my family grew, I decided to combine my organizational skills and love of children to achieve my teacher’s certificate, and ultimately my directorship.  I consider myself a "life learner" and very much enjoy the challenge of developing and delivering an outstanding early learning experience.  My job is so much fun!!!  I look forward to going to play every day!!


Robin DeAcetis: Preschool Teacher
I live in Hanover with my husband, Gino, who is a firefighter and our nine-year old daughter, Alyvia. I grew up in Hanover and graduated from Hanover High School in 1985. I went to college and studied Early Childhood Education. I was successfully employed in the banking industry for 10 years. When my daughter was born, I left banking and have enjoyed every moment with her. I thought about being selfish and keeping Alyvia all to myself but instead, at age four, she went off to preschool. I missed her terribly, especially since she is our only child.  
It was an adjustment for both of us. With each day the drop-off got easier and the pick-up more rewarding. It was so rewarding to see Alyvia's growth, happiness and success, not to mention all of the friends and relationships she was forming. I knew Alyvia belonged in preschool and I knew that when the time was right, so did I.



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