Harmony Family Preschool
Founded in 2003

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Program Description:

Harmony Preschool is dedicated to providing a sensitive and stimulating, part-time, preschool program whereby young children will safely learn about themselves and their world; while preparing for their elementary school days ahead.  The “mixed age group” creative curriculum follows the Massachusetts Department of Education Preschool guidelines and is designed to support each individual child: socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.  The “pre-kindergarten” (veteran) students model and assist their younger peers; solidifying their learning by teaching and leading. The whole “mixed aged” class joins together for different parts of the day; but each age group enjoys frequent “small group” lessons.  The “small groups” are sorted into two “pre-school” small groups.  The “pre-kindergarteners” are sorted into one small group.  Each group is assigned their own teacher.  The low student teacher ratio lends itself to creating the opportunity and environment for optimum early learning.  Our school day begins at 8:45 and ends at 12:15.  Children have the opportunities to make independent choices throughout the school day; while learning the importance of practical life skills such as sharing, turn taking, manners, and clean up.  The children are encouraged to participate in age appropriate art projects and physical activities; taking pride in the process of their work.  Through play, children have the opportunity to socially interact, learn to problem solve, explore their feelings, think flexibly, and develop linguistic skills. The scheduled “time blocks” are child centered and organized to provide quality play and learning experiences.  The environment is welcoming to young children, clean, and safe.  The overall goal of Harmony is to offer smart programs that will build confidence; self esteem, and energize youngsters! 

The program operates on a “modified” school year and is 36 weeks long. Harmony is a half day morning program, for children ages 2.9 thru 5; and is closed for the summer and all public school closures.



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