Our Staff

Holly Lambert

Inspired by my five children; I began Harmony in 2003.  Becoming a preschool teacher is a career change for me; but a natural progression, as I loved being home to raise my own young family.  Before moving to Hanover in 1993 and becoming a full time mom: I was an accountant and evening law school student.  As my family grew, I decided to combine my organizational skills and love of children to achieve my teacher’s certificate, and ultimately my directorship.  I consider myself a "life learner" and very much enjoy the challenge of developing and delivering an outstanding early learning experience.  My job is so much fun!!!  I look forward to going to play every day!!

Robin DeAcetis

I live in Hanover with my husband, Gino, who is a firefighter and our nine-year old daughter, Alyvia. I grew up in Hanover and graduated from Hanover High School in 1985. I went to college and studied Early Childhood Education. I was successfully employed in the banking industry for 10 years. When my daughter was born, I left banking and have enjoyed every moment with her. I thought about being selfish and keeping Alyvia all to myself but instead, at age four, she went off to preschool. I missed her terribly, especially since she is our only child.  It was an adjustment for both of us. With each day the drop-off got easier and the pick-up more rewarding. It was so rewarding to see Alyvia's growth, happiness and success, not to mention all of the friends and relationships she was forming. I knew Alyvia belonged in preschool and I knew that when the time was right, so did I.

Cheryl Leonard

I moved to Hanover with my husband Paul in 1992, when the oldest of my three children was 3 years old.  All three of my kids (John, Molly and Amy) grew up and graduated from Hanover High.  I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home Mom after working in the business world for many years.  I started working at Harmony in 2007 after Miss Holly, who at the time was coaching my youngest daughter’s in-town basketball team, asked me if I knew anyone who would like to work with her at her lovely preschool.  I told her I would think about it and get back to her.  Well, I really couldn’t come up with anyone at the time, so I thought, what about me?  The rest is history, I did take a few years off from 2013-2016 to help care for my family in need, but came back in 2017 with renewed energy and excitement.  It brings me such joy to see the children learn and grow every day, however, I think I have learned and grown just as much as they have!  I love my Harmony Preschool family!

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