Harmony Family Preschool     

2021 - 2022 Rates


(ages 2.9  by September 1st) 



12:30-3pm (t/th)


2 day program $75 (weekly)  $284.00/month

3 day program $105 (weekly)  $397.00/month

4 day program$125 (weekly) $472.00/month

2 day afternoon program, T/th, 12:30-3:00. $250/month


PreKindergarten Monthly Rates:  

(ages 4 & 5 by September 1st) 


2 day program $90.00(weekly) $340.00

3 day program $116.00(weekly) $440.00

4 day program $144.00(weekly) $544.00

5 day program $175.00(weekly)  $662.00


4 day program (M-Th) 12:30-3:30. $450/month

Program Scheduling

The program offers two, 2-day schedules (t/th) or (w/f).  Monday can be added 

to either two day option to create a three day schedule.  A four day schedule is

Tuesday - Friday.  We strongly encourage parents  to enroll their pre-kindergartener

 into, a three day schedule to prepare them for kindergarten.


New Student Enrollment

Please schedule a tour via email, holly@harmonypreschool.org or 781-871-5156.