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Preschool News:

It was a short but very busy month in Preschool.  We learned about the 8th month of the school year (April), the color (yellow) and the shape (square).  We colored and cut yellow squares.  We also finished the Alphabet!  I can't believe our Z ended up in your homes and vacation destinations!  So funny!


We also learned about growing plants from seed.  We started out painting a small plant pot, then we filled it with soil, planted some seeds, watered it each day at school, found a sunny window and WAITED!!  Your children have brought home the fruits of their labor.  These delicate plants are still babies and need to remain indoors, in a sunny window and need water almost every day. Towards the middle to end of May they should be ready to live outside.  They will need some sort of support, either a trellis or fence to grow on.  Morning Glories are vines and if lucky will produce beautiful blue or pink flowers towards the end of the summer and into the fall.  Simply dig a hole with your child and place the pot directly into the soil; no need to remove the pot before planting, it will decompose on its own.  Enjoy.


We enjoyed making flowers for our Harmony classroom tree and had fun making Easter Chicks. We had lots of fun on our Easter Egg hunt.  During our Bring and Share week at school we got to see some of your children's special items and learned what made the item special to them.  Very sweet!!  We had some really warm weather and some not so warm weather.  Please dress your children accordingly and rubber boots are always welcome in this transitional, muddy time of the year.


At this point in the school year it is remarkable to see how much our students have grown emotionally, socially, academically and physically.  Your children very much understand our Harmony Do's (being Kind, Respectful, Safe, First Time Listeners and Optimists).  Clearly communicated goals and expectations are consistent each day at Harmony and have helped to lead your children on their path of being GREAT STUDENTS!!!!


Miss Robin & Miss Lori



Pre-K News:

April was a quick but fun-filled month in Pre-K!


The children began the month with decorating a vase; having to choose between making an “optimist” or “pessimist” face on it.  Next, each child filled their vase with soil (the fancy word for dirt), sprinkled grass seeds on top, and lastly, added water.  I placed their vases in a sunny window.  The children are experts at the six steps of growing a plant! 1. vase, 2. soil, 3. seeds, 4. water, 5. sun, 6. time.  


Having learned the letter sounds and lines for X, Y, and Z, we completed our work on the alphabet!   The children (and teachers!) were so proud!  We celebrated with a fantastic Alphabet party, and went on a mini letter Z scavenger hunt.  The favorite letter T-shirts were a big hit!


We continue to work on the calendar. . . breaking it down by year, season, month, days of the week, as well as “today” and “tomorrow”. . . quiz your little one and ask them how many seasons and months there are. . . . also ask them what DOES NOT repeat on the calendar. . . . there’s only ONE PART of the calendar that NEVER repeats.  They are so smart!


The children have been practicing counting to 100!  They are coming along really well. . . any time home practice presents itself. . . driveway chalk, counting things while driving. . . while waiting in line. . . those little time bursts of practice are so powerful and awesome at exercising those developing brains!  We spend time organizing all types of things in groups of 10’s. . . and then count how many rows we have. . . and then practice counting by 10’s!!


We talk A LOT about pushing through “hard” things. . . . those “hard” moments are when our brains are inside our heads doing back-flips and getting stronger!!!  The children have developed a wonderful respect for each others “turn to learn” and appreciating that some of us need a little more time to let our brain find the answers . . . . AND that some of us find some things easy that another finds hard. . . we are all so different. . . AND wonderful!  I am so proud of my students!  Know that in those “hard” moments. . . new brain synapses pathways are being created. . . a more flexible mind is developing. . . and a life-long problem solver is budding!!


The children have become little Yoga experts. . . not to mention strong like little bulls!  They are working out every day!  I can’t wait to see their April push up challenge calendars!


Our favorite book this month was:

SuperHero ABC, by Bob McLeod.


The children have been learning how to break down words into syllables.  When introducing a new word to them, clap out how many “parts” the word has.  This is a great pre-reading skill, as the children learn to break the word down by parts to eventually sound out each one.


We will start “sounding out” time!!!  I’ll write a new word on the white board. . . and “practice” sounding out the words. . . . they will be readers before you know it!


We will continue to practice using the calendar, building the letters with blocks while practicing their sounds. .. . and we will play with numbers. . . counting to 100, finding differences and using simple math.  Soon, we will build an analogue clock. . . many are very excited about learning how to tell time. . but for now we will start with building the clock. . .


Next month we will learn all about the BUTTERFLY life cycle!  Ask your prekers about our classroom catepillars!


It has been a great month!





Coming Up:


We will be spending more time outside; hunting for butterflies and going on nature walks.  Please remember to apply bug spray before the children arrive to school.   Here is good information on Lyme:  For a chemical-free alternative, try mixing witch hazel with bug away essential oils in a glass spray bottle!  Here’s the brand I use every day:


And the spray bottles I mix up my bug spray in:



The month of May will be all about the BUTTERFLY life cycle!


Observation Reports will be handed out during May.


There are 4 short weeks of school left!  


We will plan a PREK bike day during the week of May 20-24th.


SAVE THE DATE:  WEDNESDAY MAY 22ND 6:00 . . . Rockland High School. 52 MacKinlay Way, Rockland.

For our end of the year show! The cost of the show is $50 per family, due by May 10th.


Thank Yous


Thank you very much for the thoughtful Alphabet party and for playing along in hiding the letter Z!  It was a big hit!! 


Thank you for the papertowel donations!  We use them up so quickly!


Awesome job being on time for drop off!  Learning how to be on time, and organized for school is a life long habit that will serve your children well; it truly sets each child up for success when they feel prepared for their day.

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